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About dreadempire

About dreadempire


Weekend VHS Rentals. Friday Night music. Sleepovers and Slasher Films. Have you heard of Cult Films? We were the Cult. Modem screams are our national anthem. We’ve saved pixelated princesses. We’ve delved dungeons built of imagination and come forth with plunder. Our thumbs have D-Pad scars. We are the dark cloud of pop culture’s silver lining. We liked it before it was cool. We never say die, we live long and prosper, and we definitely nuke the site from orbit. (It’s the only way to be sure.). If you are one of us, if you feel it boiling in your blood, then you too belong to our nation… you too are a citizen of the Dread Empire.


We’re inspired by our childhoods, growing up during the golden age of multimedia culture. Our tastes tended towards entertainment and sub-genres which lived at the edges of the popular zeitgeist, and we were outcasts for it. Now we create for ourselves and those like us. Dread Empire was born out of life-long passionate fandom for all things science fiction, horror and imaginative make-believe.